About PIP and Ad Vlems

 What is a Positive Impact Promotor?

A Positive Impact Promotor (PIP) can show how it’s possible to live within the boundries of our Earth can provide and have a positive impact on our natural surroundings.
Ecovillages are the pioneers that can start from scratch and design their area to have a positive impact on their natural succoundings.
Ad Vlems (the PIP) is the initiator of Ecodorp Boekel, which has won five awards, and has been on National TV five times to explain how to build en live with a positive impact.


Initiative-driven, out-of-the-box thinker who can have good input in brainstorming sessions. Good problem-solving ability and result-oriented. Connecting, supportive and inspiring.
If you have two problems, he can find one solutions for both!



2023: Ecodorp Boekel has won the EU SDG Award for SDG11 Sustainable cities and communities

2023: Member of ECOLISE editorial team of 10 theses on contribution of Community Led Initiatives to the EU Green Deal

2022-2024: Participation in a world wide research project on 20 ecovillages to prepare for climate change of 2,5°C and more

2022-2022: Member of the core team of the National Environment Programme of the Ministry of IenW

2021–present: Climate mayor of the municipality of Boekel, appointed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs

2012–present: Initiator and chairman Ecodorp Boekel