Vlaams Nederlandse Delta conference on Circular Economy

PIP on TV:
15-9-2021: EenVandaag interviews PIP at Boekel Ecovillage because of CESAR heat battery (1,282,000 viewers) 
21-9-2021: Omroep Brabant broadcast: Smart invention to store electricity 
25-10-2021: The World of Tomorrow interviews PIP at Boekel Ecovillage, climate-positive district, with a focus on climate-positive building and the CESAR heat battery (1,471,000 viewers) 
5-10-2022: Broadcast on SBS6 at Hart van Nederland: #CrisisvanNL, a series of broadcasts about the effect of the energy crisis and inflation on all kinds of people. For the first time in the series, they wanted a positive example of people on whom the crisis has little effect. As a best practice, they chose Ecodorp Boekel. (776,000 viewers).

PIP on national radio:
25-12-2022: One-hour interview with PIP on NPO Radio 1 between 18:00 and 19:00 on Christmas Eve (50,000 listeners).