SDG3 Good health and well-being

This goal naturally addresses a gigantic problem worldwide. It is difficult for us to solve this locally, we can only show that life in an ecovillage is a healthy life. Most ecovillagers exercise daily because there is a lot to do in a sustainable society, no matter how small it is. Ecovillages meet many of the characteristics of a Blue Zone, an area where centenarians (and older) are still vital. Read more about the properties of a Blue Zone here.

Health naturally starts with healthy food. It helps if you don’t spray poison on your food beforehand, so we eat a lot of organic food, preferably from our own food garden .

Our homes are also healthy to live in, the air in the house contains little CO2 because the air gets ventilated when the CO2 level rises. The homes are also low in radiation.

So locally we in Ecodorp Boekel may not be able to solve that, but we can show that building with biobased materials and growing your own food, are a good basis for a healthy life.

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