SDG6 Clean water and sanitation

SDG 6 states that by 2030 everyone must have access to clean drinking water and be able to use clean and good sanitary facilities. There are still too many medicine residues, pesticides and hormones in the water. To improve the quality of water, this pollution must stop and wastewater must be purified more often. All countries must also have a well-functioning water management system by 2030.

Clean drinking water and wastewater treatment
In Brabant we are lucky that Brabant Water produces such high quality water and has good storage facilities for it. But there are also Dutch cities where water is purchased from Germany during prolonged drought. And the water boards have difficulty properly purifying the water.

In collaboration with a water expert from Brabant Water, Mijn Waterfabriek and our water board Aa en Maas the water plan of Ecodorp Boekel was created and consists of:

  1. Collect and filter rainwater until it can be used for toilet and washing machine
  2. Filter wastewater in a  helophyte filter
  3. Allow purified water to infiltrate into the soil.

The helophyte filter has an incentive contribution from the Aa en Maas Water Board . This is just one of the innovations in Ecodorp Boekel.

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