SDG7 Affordable and clean energy

We need energy to live, live and work. At the same time, we produce 60% of all CO2 emissions through energy consumption. CO2 emissions are therefore the biggest cause of climate change. Fortunately, we can change this. Only two solutions are needed:
1. Consume less energy
Direct current
Solar panels produce direct current, batteries store direct current, devices use direct current. In an ordinary house, the energy from solar panels is converted into alternating current (energy loss), if it is not used, it is sent to the grid (energy loss) and if you use electricity yourself in the evening, a power plant is started to provide electricity for your home. to generate. This is transported to your home (energy loss) and converted to direct current in a transformer in or on your device (energy loss). In our homes we generate energy, store it in a battery and use it from the battery.

Save energy
We not only save energy by using direct current, but also by building very well-insulated houses. That saves a lot of energy to keep your house warm in winter.

2. Replacing fossil fuel with clean, renewable fuel
Heat storage with CESAR heat battery
We store energy in an innovative heat battery. We were able to explain it four times on national TV. Read all about it here:

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