SDG9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Ecodorp Boekel Living Lab
Ecodorp Boekel is a Living Lab for sustainable innovations. These innovations are desperately needed, because we are in a transition and we must find better means to build, generate and store energy, and produce food. And by better I don’t mean ‘less bad’! Most companies aim to have less negative impact. We would like to collaborate with companies and organizations that want to have a greater positive impact. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water allows us to test non-certified (building) materials. 

Prysmian/Draka is the largest cable manufacturer in the world. They have tested the very first circular cable in our ecovillage (designed to be taken apart for recycling and made from waste). Alliander and Enexis were involved in the same project and call that cable ‘the standard for all future cables’. Our water pipes are even Cradle2Cradle.

Measuring is knowing, say scientists. That is why we would like to collect objective information about life in and around the homes. That is why sensors are installed in some of the homes. 

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